Claims Management Services

Daryl provides efficient handling and processing of claims of clients to ensure prompt and fair settlement by:

  • Assisting with the preparation of claims document, and policy document interpretations.
  • Liaising with various relevant professionals such as accountants, surveyors, engineers, quantity surveyors etc.
  • Participation in appointment of and liaising with the loss adjusters appointed to adjust the claim.
  • Claims negotiation and settlement.
  • Preparation of briefs for arbitration and litigation support, if the need arises.
  • In addition Daryl provide advice and assist with salvage disposal and repairs.


Your claims questions answered

What do I do in the event of A Claim ?

Non-motor insurance comprise of several lines example public liability, professional indemnity, personal accident etc. Each non-motor insurance claim has its own specific claims procedure and conditions which are explained in detailed by our competent and well trained claims staff whenever a claim is made.

Generally, when an accident occurs the insured should comply with the following :

  • Report to the police.
  • Contact the Daryl and fill the specific claim form.
  • Do not settle or negotiate to settle, admit or repudiate any claim without our consent.
  • Forward all relevant documentary evidence in respect of the loss.
  • Forward all claims, writs of summons or letters from third parties to us unanswered.
What do I do in the event of A Claim ?

After the happening of an accident giving rise to a claim or series of claims.

The insured (policy holder) should report the incident to the police.

  • You should contact our office and fill an accident report form or fill the online claim form
  • You should not make any payment offer or promise of any payment or admit responsibility in any way, as by so doing you may prejudice your position and make settlement a difficult matter.
  • You should not conduct repairs on the vehicle before the insurer inspects the damage and authorizes repairs.
Who is Entitled to make a Claim ?
  • The insured (policy holder)
  • The third party whose property has been damaged by our insured's vehicle
  • The injured victim
  • Administrators of a deceased estate
  • Parents/guardians in the case of minor.
Peroid within which to make a Claim ?

1. Injury/death - up to three years from the date of the accident.

2. Damage - up to six years from the date of the accident.

Under What Circumstances Will Motors Claims be Repudiated ?

1. If your vehicle was driven without your consent, order or permission.

2. When an unlicensed driver was driving

3. When the claim is statute barred i.e claims not submitted within the three (3) or six (6) years period.

4. Where there was a change of ownership on the vehicle without reference to us.

5. Using the vehicle whilst the driver was drunk.

6. Using the vehicle for unauthorized purposes.

Relevant Documentation Required when Liability has been fully established ?


A. Own damage

  • Report the loss to the insurer and fill the accident report form.
  • Attach a copy of the driver’s license.
  • Furnish the insurer with an estimate of the cost of repairs from either the insurer’s recommended garage or a repairer of your choice.
  • Provide pictures of the damaged vehicle, clearly showing the registration number of the accident vehicle.
  • Allow damaged vehicle to be inspected by the insurer’s surveyor before the commencement of repairs.
  • Police report would be required, depending on the circumstances leading to the loss.

B. Property damage claim

  • Letter of claim.
  • Police Report
  • Furnish the insurer with an estimate of the cost of repairs from either the insurer’s recommended garage or a repairer of your choice.
  • Provide pictures of the damaged vehicle.
  • Provide driving license of the insured’s driver.

C. Injury cases·

  • Letter of claim
  • Police Report
  • Medical report
  • Original receipts of Medical Bill incurred (To justify the cost being claimed for)
  • Sworn Affidavit.
  • Two (2) passport-size pictures of the injured victim endorsed by the doctor who treated the victim.

D. Deceased (death) cases

  • Letter of claim
  • Police Report
  • Death Certificate/Burial permit/Post-mortem report
  • Letters of Administration
  • Personal Particulars of the deceased
  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Endorsed passport size pictures of Administrators (two each).

In all cases, a discharge form which states the agreed quantum (amount) will be issued by the insurance company to the insured or claimant for execution and forwarded back to enable us process the cheque.

Even though, the law mandates us to pay the claim within 90days our Company pays most of the settled claims within 60days.